Ashunchong and Partners Law firm is one of the reputable law firms in Cameroon, an affiliate to WRIGHT & CO in Freetown Sierra Leone and that focuses on rendering quality services to worldwide clients.

Situated at the heart of Douala the economic capital of Cameroon, it is bijural, handles common and civil law issues (English and French). It comprises of top quality lawyers whose experience and mastery of legal issues has given the firm the place it occupies today in Cameroon. We seek to render tailored services with the ultimate goal of clients’ satisfaction. Ashunchong and Partners Law firm is a full-service law firm, equipped with trained legal professionals who understand the clients perspective to provide time-bound legal services.

This firm came into existence ten years ago when a group of lawyers with the same vision and objectives in legal issues came together under the direction of the principal partner Barrister Ashunchong Paul Tanyi Ako. The need for new approaches in legal issues, clients assistance and support motivated the creation of this firm which has demarcated itself as a reliable legal partner to many clients in Cameroon and abroad.

Today Ashunchong and Partners Law Firm stands an ever-ready support to all client without distinction or origin in legal issues and we pride ourselves in their satisfaction.

We address issues of corporate and commercial law, maritime and shipping, oil and gas, business law, commercial litigation, telecom law, investment law, intellectual property, debt recovery, immigration law, etc. We are a team of professionals who are closely related to issues and challenges faced by the Industry and provides practical solutions in terms of latest changes in law. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge, skills and facilities to meet up with modernization and legal demands. This in attainment of our primary goal which is “Client Satisfaction”.

To be competitive, your business needs to be able to move fast and change quickly. Whether you are running a global enterprise or a small business; we can help you get a competitive advantage.

Our doors and ears are ever open to clients to assist them in their various legal issues as we seek to respond to their unanswered questions.

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